NASA Seeks Next Generation of Astronauts for Mars and Moon Missions

The Following generation of astronauts travels to Mars. You are going to require a relevant Master’s level, be ready to live and operate 250 miles (400 kilometres) over Earth on the International Space Station, and also become a US citizen. NASA announced that it sought to improve its astronaut corps, which now stands at 48 employees, as part of strategies to expand its space missions.

“We are celebrating our 20th year of continuous presence aboard the International Space Station (ISS) at low-Earth orbit this season, and we are on the point of sending the first girl and next guy to the Moon from 2024,” said NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine.

“The handful of men and women we’ll employ to combine our astronaut corps that is varied; it is an unbelievable moment in human spaceflight. We are asking all qualified Americans when they have what is needed to apply to start March 2.”

Tough contest

The need for a Master’s degree in mathematics, engineering, or math (STEM) may also be fulfilled by being two decades to some STEM PhD, or only by being a test pilot, among the most well-worn avenues into the astronaut corps. A degree — or one in medicine functions.

The Candidates will require at least two years’ experience, or, in the case of pilots, 1,000 hours of the moment.

And, for the very first time, candidates will be requested to complete an online exam.

The Process is aggressive. 11 NASA astronauts’ group that graduated in January were chosen from applicants.

Their Resumes are leading: Jonny Kim, One of these, is an emergency physician and also a veteran of 100 combat operations with the Navy SEALs, in which he earned a Silver Star. Also, he includes a math degree and a doctorate in medicine.

NASA Hopes to choose the course along with the candidates will embark in Houston, Texas.

It will include courses in spacewalking the systems of the International Space Station, in NASA Neutral Buoyancy Lab, robotics, and piloting also the building blocks of the Artemis program language courses, along with the T-38 coaching jet to come back from 2024.

The Few will unite as a return to the Moon, NASA appears to restart sending US astronauts on US rockets and head forward to Mars, the 500 or so those who have ventured into space.

Traditionally, roughly half of fresh recruits have come in the army test pilots that fly unsafe aircraft, including Neil Armstrong, the first American in space, and the likes of Alan Shepard.

Along with the pay? At the level for employees, it begins for applicants at $53,800 to $70,000.

Wuhan Hospital Announces Death Of Whistleblower Doctor Li Wenliang

The Passing of a Physician for blowing the whistle on the danger regarded has resulted in a tremendous outpouring of anger and despair online.

Li Wenliang expired the virus in the wee hours of Friday morning local time, Wuhan Central Hospital said in a statement. The affirmation follows a set of statements regarding his illness in state media outlets as well as the hospital.

“Our hospital Ophthalmologist Li Wenliang was infected with coronavirus throughout his job in the struggle against the coronavirus outbreak,” the hospital said. “He expired at 2:58 am on February 7, attempts to resuscitate were ineffective.”

I was one of several presumed”rumormongers” arrested in December for dispersing information about the virus. He’d warned about a possible”SARS-like” virus spreading in Wuhan. Nothing Li stated it was wrong. However, it came as officials at town downplayed the seriousness of the epidemic and its threat.

There were more attempts to control the story following the departure of Li-leading to anger.

Earlier On Thursday night, state media outlets had reported the departure, after which social websites erupted in mourning of Li. Hours of confusion followed with Wuhan Central Hospital releasing a statement stating Li was still living and in a critical state, including that they had been”making efforts to resuscitate him.”

Condition their tweets were deleted by media for your hospital to confirm his departure.

Li Alert had increased.

In December, Published about the messaging program WeChat in his college alumni group that seven patients so were quarantined in his hospital at Wuhan and by a fish market was diagnosed using a disease.

Shortly after he published Li, The message was accused of rumormongering from the Wuhan authorities.

He had been among Medics killed more than 560 and targeted for attempting to blow the whistle. He contracted the virus.

Li was hospitalized On January 12 and tested positive for the coronavirus.

Fury on Social Networking

The social websites of china Stations were awash with rage news of the passing of Li.

The subjects “Wuhan government owes Dr. Li Wenliang an apology,” and”We need freedom of speech,” shortly started to fad on China’s Twitter-like platform, Weibo. Before evaporating against the platform, each gained tens of thousands of perspectives.

Another issue, Known as “I need freedom of speech,” had attracted 1.8 million viewpoints as of 5 am. Friday morning local time (4 pm ET Thursday).

Top remarks under The Wuhan Central Hospital’s announcement about Li’s death included”I have discovered two words: governmental saving & performative rescue” and”Millions of young folks will grow overnight after now: the world isn’t quite as amazing as we envisioned. Are you mad? If some people are lucky enough to talk for the general public in the long run, please be certain that you recall tonight’s anger.”

Several comments indicated this announcement’s timing. “I knew you’d place this in the middle of the night,” wrote one Weibo user.

“You believe we have gone? No. We have not,” stated another.

Confusion over his state

The Global Times First declared Li had expired in a tweet in about 10:40 pm local time Thursday, linking into a report which mentioned friends and physicians at Wuhan Central Hospital.

The article was deleted by it several hours afterward. Other press outlets that were Chinese deleted their accounts of his departure. The World Health Organization published a message of condolence after the first reports that Li was dead but afterward updated their announcement to say they didn’t have any information regarding the status of the doctor.

Wuhan Central Hospital issued a statement that afternoon confirming his departure.

The death toll and number of individuals keep growing, without any signs of slowing despite population management methods and quarantine set up in China.

The Number of Confirmed cases worldwide stood with over 28,000, at 28,275 as of Thursday Of these in China. The Number of instances in China climbed by 15%, or 3,694, on the Previous moment. There were 565 deaths up to now, which all but two were in China, with one in Hong Kong and a single in the Philippines.

Budget 2020: Tax Payment On ESOPs From Startups Deferred, Says Nirmala Sitharaman

Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, within her dad 2020-2021 speech, highlighted that entrepreneurship has always been that the “potency of India.”

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has suggested easing of tax obligations on employee stock option plan (ESOPs) made by startup workers, with a view to market expansion of budding entrepreneurs in the nation. Five decades will defer the tax fee on ESOPs, or any time they leave the business, whichever is earlier, or whenever they sell their stocks, the finance minister stated. Industry bodies like Indiatech, Ispirt, NASSCOM, and IVCA had searched for a change.

The Finance Minister Within her Budget 2020-2021 speech highlighted that entrepreneurship has always been that the “potency of India.”

“Startups provide ESOPs during years to attract and keep workers. ESOPs is a substantial part of compensation,” Ms. Sitharaman stated during her dad’s speech.

“To be able to give A increase to the startup ecosystem, I suggest to lessen the burden of tax on workers by deferring the tax payment by five decades or until they leave the business or when they market, whichever is earliest,” Ms. Sitharaman stated while presenting the Budget for 2020-21.

An ESOP (employee stock ownership plan) is an employee benefit program that features ownership attention to the workers in a company to the degree of stocks held by these. This contributes to cash flow issue for workers who keep the shares for the long run and ESOPs are taxable at the time of exercise, the ministry conceded.

Among other steps targeted in startups, the Finance Minister has also suggested a 100% reduction in earnings for three consecutive assessment years out of seven for startups, which have a turnover of around Rs 25 crore seed fund to encourage early-stage startups and investment payoff and advisory mobile for entrepreneurs.

India has the third party Startup ecosystem on the planet after China and the US. Prime Minister The Startup India effort had been announced by Narendra Modi during his Independence address in 2015 as a Significant initiative boost and to handhold startup entrepreneurs.

Author- Santosh Singhi is a freelance journalist whose work has been published around the world, and he earned his graduate degree in journalism from Delhi University.

Corona virus latest news : Santosh Singhi


Suspected Corona virus patient in Chapra after Mumbai, Jaipur, PMCH sent

The suspected female patient is being taken to Patna Medical College (PMCH). Earlier, she was admitted in the ICU of a hospital in Chapra. Corona viral-like symptoms have been found in women.


After Mumbai and Jaipur, Corona virus suspects have now been detected in Chhapra, Bihar. There are symptoms like Corona virus in it. This female patient has been sent to Patna Medical College and Hospital (PMCH). However, it is a matter of relief that no positive case has come in the country so far.

The woman has returned from China only a few days ago

The suspected female patient returned from China a few days ago. Shortly after the woman had a Corona virus-like symptom, she was shown in Chhapra from where she was referred to PMCH. PMCH Superintendent Vimal Karak said that a girl recently returned from China was admitted to the ICU of a hospital in Chhapra after having mixed symptoms of karaona virus. Right now he is being brought to PMCH. He said, ‘After the PMCH arrives, the girl’s blood sample will be sent to Pune for examination and after that according to the report her treatment will start. We are fully prepared for such suspicious cases. ‘

Suspicious patient found in Jaipur!

Earlier, a doctor who returned from China in Jaipur studying MBBS has been admitted to a hospital in Jaipur in the fear of getting infected with the karaona virus. This doctor, admitted to Sawai Man Singh Hospital, Jaipur, has been kept in a separate ward. Rajasthan Health Minister Dr. Raghu Sharma has ordered the hospital administration to examine the entire members of the doctor’s family. Let us know that till now more than 80 people have died in China from this dangerous virus. The deadly Corona virus spreading in China is now taking its more dangerous form and its spread continues.

Investigation of suspects in Mumbai

Recently in Mumbai, two suspected patients were kept in separate wards at BMC-operated Kasturba Hospital in Chinchpokli. Both patients had recently returned from China.

Thermal screening of passengers in Bengaluru

On the other hand, thermal screening of passengers from outside is going on at Bangalore International Airport from 8 am on Sunday. Airport Health Organization said, “For the past 14 days, there has been no positive report from any of the passengers who returned from Wuhan, China. So far, thermal screening of 392 passengers has been done.

Not a single case of Corona is positive yet

As a precaution against the Corona virus at 7 airports in the country, more than 29,000 passengers from 137 flights have been screened, but not a single case has been found positive so far. The Health Ministry tweeted, ‘29,707 passengers of 137 flights were screened. On Sunday, 4,359 passengers of 22 flights were screened. No cases of Corona virus infection have been reported yet. ‘


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People imprisoned in China

China’s health experts are placing it in a very dangerous category. The most worrying thing is that the disease does not show symptoms and it is taking people in its grip. The fear of China is that people in Wuhan have been ‘imprisoned’ in their homes and no one is allowed to leave the city.

China: We support Peace on Kashmir issue

China on kashmir issue

Pakistan’s evergreen partner China once again raised the issue of Kashmir under ‘other matters’ during a closed meeting in the UN Security Council consultation room.

China, who once again raised the issue of Kashmir in the United Nations Security Council in an affair to please Pakistan, has now called for good intentions and peace. China said that the objective of its effort is to reduce tensions between India and Pakistan and its ‘noble intention’ behind it.

Kashmir issue in the Security Council

China has also claimed that most members of the council have expressed concern over the situation in the valley. India had said a day earlier that China’s attempt to raise the Kashmir issue in the Security Council from Pakistan has failed.

The Security Council expressed an overwhelming majority opinion that this is not the right forum to discuss the bilateral issue between India and Pakistan. Pakistan’s evergreen partner China once again raised the issue of Kashmir under ‘other matters’ during a closed meeting in the UN Security Council consultation room.

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When asked about this, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said, “China’s position is consistent and clear. This issue is a dispute related to history and should be resolved in a peaceful manner on the basis of UN Charter, UNSC resolutions and bilateral treaties.

Asked why only China is making such claims, while no other council member has spoken about it, Geng said, “Actually, UNSC reviewed the Kashmir issue on January 15 and no statement. But, China participated in the review meeting as a permanent member and what I said is consistent with the review. Yet if you feel that this is not true then you can look at other sutras. ‘

In response to a question, he said, “If you do not trust our point, then you can check other sites for information.” Regarding India’s statement, he said, “We understand India’s position and opinion. But what I said is China’s opinion and attitude. I believe India is aware of this and we are in touch on this.

Kashmir issue in the UNSC

When asked why China is raising the Kashmir issue in the UNSC, while the leaders of India and China are improving relations through an informal summit, Geng said, “Because we want to reduce tensions and regional peace and Want stability. This is our wish However, if the Indian side interprets it the other way, it would be a wrong interpretation.

All Telecom Players, Including Huawei, Can Join 5G Trials: Ravi Shankar Prasad

Telecom firms and equipment manufacturers are advised to meet the department of Telecom (DoT) officials Tuesday to discuss conditions of this trial, government sources said. The discussion may have population regions and circles the tests could insure.

The government has decided to provide all Telecom operators and equipment makers, such as Chinese giant Huawei, clearance to begin trials for 5G providers in the nation. Speaking at an event Monday, Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said: “We’ve taken the choice to provide 5G spectrum for a trial to each of the gamers. The in-principle choice was taken.”

Afterward, asked about the sidelines of Case whether Huawei will be permitted to get involved in the trials, the Minister explained: “Yes, have been permitted.”

All eyes Huawei

The acceptance for engaging in trials doesn’t mean acceptance for Huawei to function from the nation as a 5G equipment-maker. The agency rollout is very likely to take Even though the spectrum sale will probably be completed in April 2020.

The decision to allow Huawei to engage In the face of scrutiny assumes importance from the trials the telecom gear manufacturer faces for dangers.

Equipment manufacturers and firms are scheduled to fulfill the department of Telecom (DoT) officials Tuesday to discuss conditions of this trial, government sources said. The discussion may have population regions and circles the tests could insure.

Telecom Secretary Anshu, before this month, Prakash had stated a decision could be taken at the”greatest national interest.”

Other telecom gear manufacturers, then Huawei, For example, Zte, Ericsson, Nokia, and Samsung, had sought permission to take part in the 5G trials telecom officials had stated. “We shall call every one of them, fit our wants, and have a call… We’ve got an open mind on this particular problem,” officials had stated.

Huawei India’s Chief to alleviate safety concerns Executive Officer needed in June this year stated that the business was prepared to sign a “no backdoor” arrangement with the authorities. Under the agreement, Huawei would vouch it didn’t obtain access to the equipment of some customers under almost any circumstance.

The producer has provided to signal or signed agreements with other authorities. The US was one of the countries that are big to prohibit Huawei after an executive order. Trump had asked Huawei not to be used by US firms, alleging it had been an instrument of intelligence agencies that were Chinese.

During his trip to India, State Mike Pompeo’s met with Home Minister Rajnath in Addition to his counterpart Jaishankar Singh, also discussed the”dangers that Chinese-built communication systems, Including 5G” introduced to both nations.

3 Of World’s 10 Fastest-Growing Urban Areas Are In Kerala: Economist Ranking

Cities from Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Gujarat locate a mention at the fastest-growing metropolitan regions throughout the world in the previous five years at the EIU survey.

Three cities in Kerala include one of the Fastest-growing metropolitan regions around the planet, according to a ranking published by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) survey.

The three towns — Malappuram, Kollam and Kozhikode — would be the areas in India to feature in the top 10 ranks.

Even though Malappuram is the city over the previous five years using a 44.1% alter, Kozhikode occupies the fourth championship with a change proportion of 34.5%. Kollam, the next town, has soared 31.1%, the standing says.

Thrissur out of Kerala finds a reference in the listing at the position. Thrissur’s standing has witnessed a 30.2 percent leap between 2015 and 2020.

Gujarat’s Surat comes in at 26th place with 26.7 percent shift, although Tamil Nadu’s Tiruppur is rated the 30th fastest growing city in the world in the previous five decades.

Apart from India, the top 10 rank Contains three towns from China and one from Vietnam, Oman, UAE and Nigeria each.

In a different position September this past year, Vienna grabbed the top spot in the International Liveability Index for 2019.

The capital that attracts tourists because of its classical music landscape and royal background but also has abundant green spaces and exceptional public agencies, last year finished Melbourne’s seven-year run near the peak of the poll of 140 cities, aided by an enhanced safety prognosis across Europe.

The EIU is a part of The Economist magazine and Supplies advisory and calling services through investigation and investigation.

GST Collection Crosses Rs 1 Lakh Crore Mark For Fifth Month In 2019-20

GST revenue collection stayed over Rs 1 lakh crore mark for the next month in a row, together with December mop-up climbing to Rs 1.03 lakh crore.

The set of earnings of the government Crore a month, from merchandise and services or GST tax stood at Rs 1,03,184 crore. That marked a rise of 8.93 percent in comparison to the corresponding period one year ago. GST collection had arrived in at Rs in December 2018, according to an official launch. On a month-on-month foundation, nevertheless, GST earnings decreased 0.30 percent, from Rs 1,03,492 crore in November 2019.

Here are ten things to learn:

  1. GST Collections climbed over the Rs 1 lakh crore marks for the fifth time in this fiscal year (April, May, July, November, and December). The government requires an average selection of over a lakh crore each month.
  2. Out of the entire gross GST revenue collected in December, CGST (central products and services tax) accounted for Rs 19,962 crore, SGST (state products and services tax) Rs 26,792 crore and IGST (incorporated GST) Rs 48,099 crore (including Rs 21,295 crore accumulated on imports), according to the official announcement.
  3. Any progress in tax collections decreases the possibility of slippage in a time once the market is currently fighting against is the slowest pace of growth in over six years.
  4. The deficit – or the shortfall in the income of government compared to spending is currently this past year because the government reduced the taxation.
  5. The corporate tax reduction shrank the government’s tax earnings for the current financial year by Rs 1.45 lakh crore.
  6. A total of 81.21 lakh GSTR-3B yields were filed for the month of November until December 31.
  7. 16 percent increased compared with the year-ago interval, the authorities said.
  8. Taking that the IGST 9 percent rose. Ten percent contracted last month.
  9. The revenue earned from the state and central authorities after settlement in December was Rs 41,776 crore and Rs 42,158 crore, according to the finance ministry.
  10. The government has set an Objective of containing the financial deficit In 3.3 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) in the fiscal year 2019-20.

Delhi Police Movie Protests, Run Its Pictures Through Face Recognition Applications To Display Audience.

Adhering to a Delhi High Court order in a situation associated with lost children, the Delhi Police had obtained Automated Facial Recognition System (AFRS) applications in March 2018 as an instrument to spot lost and discovered boys and women by fitting photos.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Ramlila Maidan rally December 22 — in which he stated there wasn’t any discussion of NRC — was the very first rally in which Delhi Police employed recognition applications to display the audience.

This was a pair of facial images gathered from footage filmed in the town’s various demonstration events to filter “law and order suspects” in the Prime Minister’s rally.

Adhering to a Delhi High Court order in a situation Associated with lost children, the Delhi Police had obtained Automated Facial Recognition System (AFRS) applications in March 2018 as an instrument to spot lost and discovered boys and women by fitting photos.

AFRS was utilized thrice — after in the Republic Day parade and double in the Independence Day parade.

Sources a photograph dataset of over 1.5 lakh”history-sheeters” for regular crime investigation. Another dataset intended for tracking sensitive people occasions has over 2000 pictures of terror suspects and — the newest addition — alleged “rabble-rousers and miscreants”.

Using AFRS by Significance is assumed by Authorities given the National Register of Citizens — occasions and protests throughout the city contrary to the citizenship legislation.

For extended, Delhi Police was filming Protest events in town. This footage is currently being fed to AFRS which extracts “recognizable faces” of the protesters to its dataset. Once removed, state sources, the whole lot is screened to recognize and keep “habitual protesters” and “rowdy elements”.

This dataset of”pick protesters”, stated Sources, was set to work with for the very first time to maintain “miscreants who may increase banners or slogans” from their Prime Minister’s rally past Sunday.

“Each attendee in the rally was captured on Camera in the metal detector gate and feed out there was paired with the decorative dataset in five seconds in the control area set up in the place,” described a police officer involved with the safety arrangements for its PM rally.

Contacted by The Indian Express Delhi Police spokesperson said in an email: “Any FRS (decorative recognition applications) would maintain its use only if the database has been qualitatively and quantitatively large.

 The first focus was on safety-related details of this Independence Day and Republic Day agreements, attained by constructing up-to-date datasets of terror suspects, etc.

“At the second phase, we concentrated on legislation and order enlarged the datasets to law and order supposes and to people with records of categories. We’ve utilized these datasets past Sunday according to credible intelligence inputs about potential disruptions.”

Asked what checks and balances were constructed in To prevent abuse of pictures and also meet privacy issues, the spokesperson stated: “Without getting into operational details, Delhi Police guarantees that best business benchmark checks and balances against any possible misuse of information are set up.

 Datasets aren’t endless and are revised. Racial or religious profiling is never a relevant parameter while constructing those datasets.”

In the AFRS variant, the current ability that Delhi Police have can manage datasets that were facial adding around 3 lakh Faces at one time.

 “This could be improved to manage 9 lakh units,” stated one of those Promoters of Delhi-based Innefu Laboratory that provided the authorities with the machine.

Fog In Delhi Hits Rail Traffic, Flights Diverted, Air Quality”Intense”

According to the current, intense weather is very likely to remain for two days over India.

Delhi and its adjacent areas Awakened to a blanket of fog this morning which struck on rail, road and air traffic and contributed to the loss of half an hour. Because officials said, six individuals were drowned as a vehicle ran into a canal at Greater Noida near Delhi. At least three aeroplanes are running and needed to be redirected.

The Temperature this morning fell to 2.2 degrees Celsius from Sunday’s 2.8 degrees Celsius, according to the tracking unit on south Delhi’s Lodhi Road.

The air quality in the national Capital worsened, slipping into”acute” class this morning, together with all the Anand Vihar observatory recording air quality index (AQI) of 462 along with the Okhla Phase-2 heart reporting an AQI of 494.

Difficulties were caused by poor visibility. For commuters, with people driving slow to the streets. “There was heavy fog on the road that joins Delhi and Noida.

In CAT III B, the Delhi airport Compliant aircraft can land utilizing ILS or instrument landing platform, officials said. The airlines have requested people to remain in contact for flight information. Three flights are diverted thus far.

A CAT IIIB system assists using a Precision approach and landing once the runway visibility is in a distance of no less than 15 metres and can be in a range less than 200 meters, but less than 50 meters.

Commuters were spotted Driving as the visibility on town streets below the fog, 50 meters; biting winds plummeted added to the hardships of the homeless. The Delhi government is currently operating for people living on the roads.

According to the weather Office, intense cold weather is very likely to remain for two days over India.

A cold wave at the Federal funding has also prompted a “red” warning against the weather after the temperatures on Saturday morning has been listed in 2.8 degrees Celsius in the Lodhi Road observatory. The Safdarjung observatory recorded a low of 2.4 degrees Celsius on Saturday — the most economical in years. Aired” warning against the India Meteorological Department (IMD) signifies “extreme weather conditions”.